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Terms and Conditions

NLIS Ltd is a means of ordering information. It does not collate or interpret information in its own right but provides information provided by third parties.

NLIS Ltd does not accept responsibility for the accuracy of any information requested through NLIS Ltd. The provider of the information is responsible for the accuracy such as local authorities, water companies etc. All providers of information will carry the appropriate insurance. Any inaccuracies will be rectified on your behalf, and if necessary, the case taken up with the provider of the information.

NLIS Ltd reserves the right to withhold and not deliver data, reports or searches to the purchaser in the event of abuse of the system such as non-payment within the agreed terms. These terms will be by prior agreement between parties.

Complaints Procedure

In the event of a complaint regarding information received, delays in information being received or any other complaint please telephone 0800 023 5030 and ask for the complaints department. If the complaint cannot be addressed to the satisfaction of the complainant then the complaint will be passed to the appropriate governing body of the provider of the report or information to enter their complaints procedure. In the event of satisfaction still not being reached then the complainant is at liberty to initiate legal action which will be governed by UK Law.

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Placing an order through NLIS Ltd initiates the purchasing of documents instantly from third parties who will not give a refund. If you wish to cancel an order, for a genuine reason, we will attempt to cancel any components which have not yet been returned. We cannot guarantee however that this will be possible. Any refund Pali receive will be passed onto our client. It is the client’s responsibility to inform Pali as soon as they decide they wish to cancel an order.

Delivery Policy

Orders placed through NLIS Ltd will automatically be emailed to the email address given at the ordering stage, as the various components are completed. This can vary from almost instantaneous to a matter of hours or days.


Prices will be displayed prior to the order being placed. Placing the order is taken as an agreement and acceptance of the price quoted and these terms and conditions.

The NLIS Ltd site is owned by Pali Ltd and is the subject of copyright.