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Company Reports

Company Reports

Company Reports

NLIS can provide a vast amount of different Company Reports, for example our most popular Company Reports as well as the Company Conveyancing Search Reports.

The Different types of Company reports are as followed:

Standard Company Reports

When obtaining our Standard Company Reports they will provide all current documents held by the Companies House. These documents could then include information such as; current appointments, change of directors, change of registered office, annual returns and latest accounts.

Company Conveyancing Search

The Company Conveyancing Search Reports include all possible search details of any withstanding charges relating to a specific address, these are as followed;

  • All fixed charges
  • All floating charges
  • Any documents filed in relation to winding up
  • Striking off or liquidation.

In some cases there could possibly be a large number of other withstanding charges that could be held against a company via the person in charge making this process even harder to endure. In many circumstances this is a common occurrence with multiple building companies as they may be subjected to creating a limited company for each new building project. This allows the protection of the parent company in the event of any future/further problems that may arise within the development of the company therefore, making it a wise decision to purchase a Company Report Via NLIS.

Having read through our blog, Please do not hesitate to Contact Us if you would like to know any additional information about our Company Reports that NLIS offer. NLIS is a very user friendly website making it very easy to order your Company Reports. Our online system means that you can order Company Reports in a few simple steps and they can be returned to you via email. Along with Company Reports, NLIS can also offer you many other conveyancing searches which can be ordered in the same way.