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Developer Services

NLIS developer services

NLIS Ltd can provide you with Developer Services whether your development is small, medium or large.  NLIS Ltd Developer Services can help you decide which searches and reports would be desirable prior to purchasing or developing a site or property.

NLIS, Ltd has a vast amount of experience in providing valuable assistance to builders, developers, quantity surveyors and their legal teams prior to and during development of projects anywhere in England and Wales. Our Developer Services Team are always happy to help you with any matter relating to searches being completed on a piece of land or multiple properties and single dwellings.

There are many questions and potential pitfalls awaiting developers and knowing what information should be obtained too ensure due diligence is performed prior to committing funds on a project can be daunting. NLIS Ltd Developer Services have the expertise and access to the information to recommend and provide the searches and reports to give peace of mind.

There are many questions which Developer Services at NLIS Ltd will help you answer, some of which are listed below;
Does the vendor own the property? Is the land contaminated? Will ground stability be a problem? Does the site have reasonable access to drainage and water facilities? What is already under the ground – Mines, cables, gas pipes, telecommunications etc? Are there any legal or local authority charges and restrictions on the land? Do the public have right of way over the area via a footpath etc? Is anyone planning to build a wind farm nearby? Does HS2 plan to run through the garden?

NLIS Ltd Developer Services can answer these questions and many more. If you are a developer or a solicitor acting for a developer, before you spend a penny, contact us for free developer advice.

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