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Eye Groundsure Flood Report

Eye Groundsure Flood Report from NLIS

You can order a vast array of different Environmental Report’s for any type and size of property or land on NLIS. One of the most popular environmental reports is called a Eye Groundsure Flood Report and it contains a detailed summary produced from multiple agency databases covering all potential hazards regarding flooding, not just river and tidal. The Eye Groundsure Flood Report is easy to understand and also includes information on flood risk insurability.

Eye Groundsure Flood Report

A Eye Groundsure Flood Report gives a dedicated assessment rather than a broad area assumption because it can be created on a property specific basis. The Eye Groundsure Flood Report gives you and your clients information on so many different risks of flooding including heavy rainfall, high groundwater levels, tidal and river flooding.


  • Surface water (pluvial flood risk) data from JBA Consulting
  • Fluvial and tidal flood risk data from the Environment Agency
  • Groundwater flood susceptibility data from the British Geological Survey
  • Flood defence details
  • Flood risk insurability, care of Environment Agency NaFRA data

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A Eye Groundsure Flood Report is normally ordered with a Eye Groundsure Homescreen Report and Eye Groundsure Planning Review to give full environmental information on a residential property. If you would like to purchase these reports they can be ordered in NLIS by clicking HERE or contacting our friendly, professional, helpful team on 08700 500 820 or

If you would like to know the price or any more information regarding a Eye Groundsure Flood Report, please do not hesitate to contact us on 08700 500 820. We may also be able to advise you of the other reports we can obtain to help your conveyancing transaction run as smoothly as possible.